A recent survey of American accents has Cajun and New Orleans accents listed in the top 10 favorites in the world.

Breaux Bridge Crawfish Festival
Breaux Bridge Crawfish Festival

The Best Louisiana Accents

We have our fair share of culture throughout Louisiana, and along with our different cultures come different accents.

People from Acadiana, Baton Rouge, and New Orleans sound dramatically different from each other, and we're only separated by a handful of miles.

Our three distinctly different accents could basically be called Cajun, Country, and Yat respectively.

Then you have all of the different accents from North Louisiana.

What accents are the best?

We don't have to fight and bicker about it because the entire world has apparently spoken and made their choices.


The folks over at WordTips took to social media, and with a little help from AI, found out what the world's favorite American accents are.

From WordTips -

"WordTips used a Hugging Face AI algorithm to analyze how positively Twitter users talk about 165 accents throughout the United States, the UK and 104 other countries worldwide.

We also analyzed how positively Twitter users talk about the accents of 66 celebrities whose accents have previously been the subject of discussion on Twitter or in news articles."

Showing up big in the top 10 favorite American accents are Mississippi accents, Hawaiian accents, and Pittsburg accents.

Louisiana did pretty well in this survey.

In fact, of the top 10 favorite American accents, we kind of made a Louisiana sandwich.

Louisiana's Best Accents


New Orleans took the number 1 spot for the favorite American accent.

And, coming in at number 10 on the list of favorite American accents is Cajun!

The argument could be made that the rest of the world may not know what a real, authentic Cajun accent is if they're judging by what they hear on TV and in movies, but hey...we made the top 10!

We all know our Cajun accents are number 1.

Read more at word.tips.

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