A Louisiana man is deliciously working to set a World Record when it comes to king cake in hopes of becoming known as "The King Cake King".

Ricky Meche's Donut King
Ricky Meche's Donut King

King Cake World Record

Brendon Oldendorf of New Orleans is on a mission to set a Guinness World Record for tasting the most king cakes during carnival season.

Last year Olendorf says he traveled to and tasted 100 different king cakes from bakeries across four different states.

For Mardi Gras 2032, he's looking to taste 150 different king cakes hoping this will earn him the world record and title of "King of King Cakes".

Olendorf tells 12newsnow.com -

"I want to put the record out there of tasting the most king cakes during carnival time, and I want to make sure I go to at least 100 different bakeries.

Last year, I tasted over 100 king cakes. Of course, I've been eating king cakes all my life in mass quantities. Of course, my goal this year is 150."

King of King Cakes

He ate his first piece of king cake when he was five and he says he's been gunning the "King of King Cake" crown ever since.

As he travels the South trying as many king cakes as he can, Olendorf tells 12newsnow.com he scores them on four different categories -

Presentation, icing, dough, and filling.

Ever heard of a seven-layer meat king cake? Olendorf has and has eaten one.

Wait, is that really even a king cake?

Who cares, it sounds delicious.

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