In Louisiana, there are people that really do get along well with snakes. For the most part, we all should get along with snakes. They generally do more good for humans than they are a detriment to humans but snakes tend to get a lot of bad publicity.

Great Basin Rattlesnake
EdwardSnow, Getty Images/iStockphoto

If you watch movies featuring Indiana Jones or the one where the snakes were on the airplane it is no wonder that most of us would just as soon not be in the same zip code as a snake.

Still, for many people the reptiles are interesting and they do make nice pets. It's when people decide they no longer need or want the snake for a pet that the problems begin. For example in the video you're about to see below, that is a 16-foot carpet python that is crawling from a roof into a tree.

That is a video from Australia where life-threatening creatures seem to be found around almost every corner. We will caution you there is some NSFW language in the video but that's to be expected when you encounter a 16-foot snake crawling from your roof into a nearby tree.

As a rule, pythons are not native to Louisiana but as in Australia, the reptiles are popular pets and quite often are released into the wild where they thrive in Louisiana's climate. You are most likely to encounter a Burmese Python in Louisiana as far as a particular species of python goes but we certainly have more than our fair share of the big snakes in The Boot.

Rat Snake Courtesy La. Dept. Wildlife & Fisheries
Rat Snake
Courtesy La. Dept. Wildlife & Fisheries


No, the pythons are not venomous but seven species of snake found in Louisiana are. And those of us who don't want to get close enough to verify venomous or non-venomous would just as soon let the snakes go about their business as we go about ours.

By the way, the snake in the video above was not harmed nor were the humans who shot the video. Although I bet they do think twice before they let their kids or their other pets go play outside in the yard underneath those trees.

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