A woman on TikTok awkwardly found out her ex got engaged when she received a random call from an Airbnb host.

In her viral video, Eleanor Fletcher explained that a "random Airbnb host" phoned her asking if she wanted to use the hot tub for an upcoming stay since she was now "engaged."

Eleanor told the caller that she was mistaken, as she didn't have an Airbnb stay booked and wasn't engaged, either.

The woman apologized profusely, then informed her that the booking was under the name of her ex.

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"Do you think him and his fiancée will be wanting the hot tub?" the woman on the phone asked Eleanor.

"No, they will not be wanting the hot tub, they will not want breakfast, they will want a downgrade on the room. If I know him like I know him, he will want the loudest room available, small as well. Smallest, loudest room available with zero hot tubs," Eleanor sarcastically recalled, adding, "OK, I'm joking about the very last bit, I'm actually genuinely very happy for them."

Watch the TikTok video below:

TikTok users commented on the hilarious video.

"How did they get your number tho? Did your ex give them your number by mistake?" one person asked.

"Y'all must have parted on good terms. You could have wrecked his world," another commented.

"Please also book him wake up calls at regular intervals during the night," someone else joked.

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