Suri Cruise is all grown up.

Born on April 18, 2006, the daughter of Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise is celebrating her 18th birthday on Thursday.

Now an adult, Suri lives in Manhattan where she was raised by her mother after she divorced Tom in 2012 in an effort to remove them from the Church of Scientology.

According to Page Six, Suri is still estranged from Tom and has not seen him since her parents' breakup in 2012.

"Katie has safeguarded Suri and she’s a devoted mom," a source reportedly said.

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"This is a girl who is a private citizen. She hasn’t lived her life in public," they added.

In 2023, Holmes briefly opened up about her daughter and her decision to shield her from the limelight after she was thrust into the public eye as a baby.

"What has been really important for me with my daughter, because she was so visible at a young age, is I really like to protect her. I’m very grateful to be a parent, to be her parent. She’s an incredible person," the former Dawson's Creek actress told Glamour.

Holmes also discussed what it's like to collaborate creatively with her teen daughter, calling Suri "her heart."

"I hope she always does something on my films. I always ask her. But both of those experiences came out of the same sense of what I love about our industry, which is, you have these projects and you become a family with people. And it’s this safe, beautiful, creative space," she explained.

"So it comes out of love for me to include someone who I love dearly. That’s how I like to work. I like to have that kind of feeling. It was very meaningful to me to have her there, because she’s my heart," she said.

Back in 2006, Tom spoke in an interview about fatherhood, per Page Six.

"I always said to myself that my children would be able to depend on me and I would always be there for them and love them — that I’d never make a promise to my kids that I couldn’t keep," he said at the time.

According to the outlet, Tom and Suri were last seen together publicly at Disneyland in the summer of 2012.

Tom also has two other children with Nicole Kidman, Bella, 31, and Connor, 29.

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