Many are convinced Ice Spice was making satanic gestures at the 2024 Super Bowl.

Viewers flocked to social media Sunday night (Feb. 11) to weigh in on the gestures the "Think U the S--t (Fart)" rapper made at one point during the big game, with many, particularly right-wing conservatives and Christians, believing the artist was sending a satanic message.

"Lolololol at all the people saying Ice Spice was wearing a Saint Peter's upside down cross representing Peter being hung upside down and denying the fact that she threw up satanic horns KNOWING the camera was watching her just in the same video," one Twitter user commented on her gesture.

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"Nobody gonna talk about Ice Spice throwing up devil horns and then holding onto the upside down cross? They really don’t care to even hide it anymore," another user speculated.

"Ice Spice flashing the sign of the horns, showing off an upside down cross, and wearing Balenciaga. She’s a child of the Devil," someone else wrote.

You can see the moment everyone is talking about, below:

As of publishing, Ice Spice hasn't commented on the speculation surrounding the gestures, which she briefly flashed while dancing alongside Taylor Swift and Blake Lively in their VIP box at Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas last night.

While some are convinced the rapper's hand signals were demonic or satanic in nature, and that Ice Spice was sending some sort of evil message, the sign of the horns — a gesture made by extending the index and pinky figures while holding the other fingers down with one's thumb — is a common gesture with many different meanings across a variety of cultures, not just Satanism.

In Hatha Yoga, the hand gesture is used as a way of rejuvenating the body. In Buddhism, the gesture, called the Karana Mudrā, is used to expel demons, and in the Mediterranean, the signal is used to protect from bad luck.

Most commonly, however, the gesture is used in the rock and metal community, as it was popularized by bands such as Black Sabbath and KISS.

Fans and artists alike often make the signal at concerts as a sign of approval or to simply say, "Rock on!"

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