One of the Best Discoveries Ever Made Was Louisiana Hot Sauce on Frozen Pizza.

I have no idea who made this discovery however I am grateful that someone felt I needed to know about this. There is a dive bar in downtown Shreveport that serves up frozen pizza, and they keep Louisiana Hot Sauce on deck, not because it is added to certain drinks, no it's strictly there because a lot of people add it to their pizza. At first, I winced at the idea and a friend said try it and you won't regret it. They were so right. It is one of the best things ever.

It Turns Out Adding Louisiana Hot Sauce to Pizza Is Just Scratching the Surface of  How Louisianans Make Food Better.

One of my favorite insults is when someone says "they probably put tomatoes in their gumbo". To many people this is just a comment made on preference however some folks from Louisiana know this is an insult.

One Woman Took to Her TikTok to Poke Fun and Show Us How Louisianans Act When They Find Cajun Food Outside of Louisiana.

The comments have so many people laughing because some people claim they are guilty of saying these exact things and some people swear by the Tony's seasoning they carry in their purses. Wait, it's not common for people to carry around Tony's?

This Video Perfectly Describes Cajuns Eating Outside of Louisiana:

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