SHREVEPORT, LA - Louisiana follows national trends when it comes to web searches for information. But we do have some unique interests that you won’t find in some other regions. Experts track the top searches across the globe.

There are 8.5 billion Google searches done every day. The average person makes 3 to 4 searches each day.

What are the Top Web Searches in Louisiana?

The first 2 on the list were also on the list in many other states across the nation. Millions of Americans searched for information about  Damar Hamlin and Chat GPT this year. Hamlin is the Buffalo Bills player who was seriously injured in a game earlier this year.

Buffalo Bills v Cincinnati Bengals
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Of course, we all know about Chat GPT and the popularity of that new phenomena this year.

OpenAI To Offer Commercial Version Of ChatGPT
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Other items making the list in Louisiana for 2023 are Jazz Fest, the Super Bowl and Hogwarts Legacy. This immersive video game was released back in February and got lots of attention from Louisiana folks.

2012 New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival Presented By Shell - Day 3
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Did any of these items make this same list in 2022? Yes, there is a repeat appearance on the list. The Super Bowl was a hot topic last year in Louisiana along with Wordle, Ukraine, the Saints schedule and the LSU football schedule.

What’s Hot in Texas

What are the most searched items in Texas? Some of the same topics are on the list. You will find Damar Hamlin, Chat GPT, Super Bowl and Hogwart’s Legacy on the Texas Top 5. But Temu is also one of the big concerns in the Lone Star State. In 2022, Wordle, the World Cup, Ukraine, House of the Dragon and Blooket (gaming tool used by teachers) made the list.


The top 3 Google searches in the U.S. this year have been YouTube, Facebook and Whatsapp.

Fackbook Acquires WhatsApp For $16 Billion
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I really feel out of touch When the #1 item Googled around the globe is something I have never heard of. Cricbuzz is at the top of the demandsage list of most googled items in the world. This is a website that tracks live scores from the world of Cricket. Who knew that was so popular? The other big world wide topics are weather, WhatsApp, Amazon and translate.

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