The forecast for Acadiana this week is one of afternoon thunderstorms for the next 7 days. And when it's not raining, the humidity will be virtually unbearable for humans. Temperatures will creep into the 90s with heat indexes each day into the triple digits.

We thought we'd try to have a little fun with the not-so-pleasant forecast and took to social media to ask you to finish this sentence, "It's So Humid ____________". Your answers are hilarious.

It's Louisiana - Joey D.


Pictures of Injury Lawyers are melting off of billboard signs. -Patty B.


My electric car wouldn’t start and had to put it in a bag of rice. -Dave L.


My hair!!!! -Marcy M.


On a positive note..we can lick the air when we're thirsty. -Rachel L.


It’s moist. Mike V.


…my Gold Bond powder is making a roux in my Cassons! -Byron B.


Smells like BAND CAMP!! -Pamela W.


Just Saw a choupique crossing the road !! Amanda D.


12 Funny Tweets About Humidity and Hair


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