A friend recently posted on her Facebook page, we're being spied on through our microwave ovens because we can't block it with tin foil. I jokingly commented I need to stop watching porn in my kitchen. All joking aside, there's been a lot of public concern about surveillance in recent years. It's been heightened by recent wiretapping allegations in our government. The fact is, many of our everyday devices can be used to record audio & video of our private behavior. Your phone is literally a microphone. Smart TV's can be used as microphones, as well. Time has published a list of tips to make it more difficult to spy on you. Their advice includes turning off the voice recognition feature on your smartphone ("Siri," 'Alexa"), and putting tape over the camera on your laptop. Click here for the complete list. More than 60 years ago, George Orwell's "1984'" a bleak portrait of life in a world where everyone is under constant surveillance was published. Amazon sold out of it earlier this year.

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