What's a staple that's on every menu?

It's a night out with friends and you're headed to your favorite watering hole. Chances are you are going to much on something while enjoying a beverage. What do you typically look for on a menu? For me, it's always a burger or sliders. I'm obsessed.

Thrillist took it upon themselves to find Louisiana's snack for us. Their "Unofficial Bar Snack of Every State" is basically the United States of Snacks. From fried crab claws in Alabama to jerky in Wyoming and everything in between, they've got it covered.

For the Bayou state writers chose chargrilled oysters.

Personally, I would prefer fried oysters, but as a food lover I won't be picky. These oysters are opened thanks to the heat of the grill rather than the process of shucking. Many are flavored with butter, garlic and Parmesan cheese.

Are you a fan of oysters? What kind of bar food is your go-to?

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