David Byrne is perhaps best known as lead singer and one of the founding members of the New Wave band Talking Heads, famous for such 80s hits as "Burning Down The House" and "Once In A Lifetime." Byrne left Talking Heads to pursue a solo career, during which he has produced some truly amazing yet bizarre music.

One of Byrne's most unusual songs is entitled "Horses," which gained attention and new life after becoming part of a meme on the infamous Creeypasta and Reddit. "Horses" became known as "The Ghost Song," and was allegedly produced as a means of summoning ghosts by the musician and singer, who committed suicide a week after recording the song.

The truth is that the song is simply one of David Byrne's unique creations and, as far as my Internet research has found, has nothing to do with ghosts. David Byrne is still very much alive, and YouTube features many of his performances.

Even if it's not a song that's used to summon ghosts, it's still super - creepy and perfect for Halloween listening!

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