It's gumbo season in Louisiana. I'm not a native, but I've lived here most of my adult life. My first job in Louisiana was a manager trainee at a Baton Rouge-based cafeteria chain. They teach you every job in the place.

When they taught me to make gumbo, they taught me to mix the file' with cold water and stir it into the gumbo with a wire whip. It wasn’t long before I learned a lot of people don’t like it that way. I recently did a little bit of “crowdsourcing” on my Facebook page.

Some people like file'  in their gumbo, while others don’t. Of those who do, some like to put it in the pot while it’s cooking. Others prefer to wait until it's served. I like to put just a little bit in the pot while it’s cooking. It adds color, and flavor. It also thickens it a little bit I like my gumbo thick! I like to add a little bit more when I serve it. How about you? By the way, do you like your potato salad on the side, or in the bowl?

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