Here we go, another gumbo that has shown up on social media that has so many people in Louisiana asking, "Why?"

As temperatures drop in the deep south, more and more people are preparing their favorite gumbo and so many here take pride in their final product, the gumbo.

So, when a gumbo that doesn't seem to meet the standards of those in South Louisiana shows up on social media, people here aren't afraid to express their opinions about the Louisiana favorite.

Weeks ago we showed you a bad gumbo and many of you highlighted what went wrong, and now we have another "gumbo" for you to evaluate.

This photo has been shared all over social media and to be honest, this gumbo doesn't appear to be as bad as the previous one we shared here.

However, many on social media are questioning what happened to the meat you see here, while others are critiquing the "juice" in this pot.

Take a look at the full photo below and ask yourself if you would eat this Louisiana favorite on a cold windy night down south.

While I may be no "gumbo expert" I think we cook great gumbo at home, and it looks like the meat was cooked a bit too long, thus that is why you have the meat as is in the photo below.

Feel free to comment on this photo on the social media page that linked you to this story because we are curious to know what you think went wrong here. Let me note that some on social media have already said that they see nothing wrong with this "gumbo" while some have asked if this was even a gumbo.

What You Got In Dat Pot
What You Got In Dat Pot


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