Janet has become quite a fixture on the CJ and Debbie Ray in the Morning radio show.  Every weekday morning she delivers 'Janet's Joke of the Day' a little before 8AM.  Today, she was hot over a dress she'd purchased online the she thought didn't live up to the online picture and description.

I looked at the picture of the dress online and then at the dress she received in the mail.  To me, it's the same dress, just on a different person that's all.  One can almost never expect an article of clothing to look the same on them at home as it does in the online pictures, they almost never do.

Janet ordered this dress to attend her daughter's wedding coming up soon.  Now she's going to have the trouble of sending it back as she feels she was somewhat duped.  She thinks the actual dress is not even close to the one in the online picture.

What do you think?  Is it the same dress?  Please leave us a comment.  Thank you.



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