If your iPhone is changing the letter "i" into something completely strange and weird, you are not alone.

It seems as if the issue is caused by an issue related to the new iOS update and iPhone users are extremely aggravated with this autocorrect gaffe.

The timing of this glitch isn't exactly the best being that Apple is getting many of the complaints from customers with the new iPhone X—their new phone that just released this past Friday. Users affected by the issue have taken to social media with the problem asking Apple for a solution.

Apple says a fix is coming, but in the meantime, they offered this workaround.


According to a report by The Telegraph,

The bug causes the letter "i" to be replaced by an invisible character, called Variation Selector 16. VS-16 is a code typically used to merge two characters together into an emoji, but in this instance, the iPhone does not appear to render an emoji, instead of showing the capital A and ⍰, a question mark in a box. Others have seen it replacing the symbol with "! ⍰".

Not all users are affected but if you are, it looks like the only workaround is the one mentioned above until Apple sends out a full update to resolve the issue.

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