My friend, Courtney Pitre, owns Courtney’s Thrifty Way Pharmacy in Arnaudville. Courtney Pitre is also the head of Arnaudville nonprofit, Le Bon Voisin. Yes, Courtney Pitre puts herself out there every day to give the people the medicine they need. But, that just isn’t enough for her. Courtney wanted to do more. When she found out that a nursing home shut down visitation because of COVID-19, she was saddened. A nursing home in Arnaudville, J.M. Morrow Memorial Nursing Home, found that iPads were a great way to keep families in touch with their loved ones after visitation was suspended due to the coronavirus.

Courtney was chatting with a friend of hers, Michelle Chiasson, and she explained to Courtney how her father was doing much better in the hospital after she brought him an iPad because it kept him connected to his wife and family. That’s when Courtney knew what she could do to make a difference. She reached out via the Le Bon Voisin Facebook page for anyone to donate iPads so she could deliver them to residents of the local nursing home residents. Well, the results were amazing and three days after the lockdown, residents were able to talk with their loved ones again.

Le Bon Voisin Facebook
Le Bon Voisin Facebook

In Arnaudville, family is important. That's just Cajun culture. -Courtney Pitre

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