This guy held it together much better than many people would have: watch as a hiker in Utah back-pedals from a cougar he encountered on his daily run. (CAUTION: NSFW LANGUAGE)

The cat was out for a normal day with her family when the hiker appeared out of nowhere, posing a threat (the cougar had 2 kids in tow).

Fearing for her life, the cougar attempted to scare off the hiker, but he just kept moving along the same path, keeping eye contact with her. In an attempt to get him to scram, the cougar advanced rapidly toward him with claws extended and a fierce snarl several times, to no avail.

It was obvious that the cougar wasn't "stalking" the hiker, she was just trying to protect her brood. After chasing him for 6 terrifying minutes and then being assaulted by a thrown rock, the cougar decided to get back to her cubs to make certain they were okay.

Seriously, though: this guy probably needed a nap after that ordeal! Some say he is lucky to be alive, but if that cat wanted a fight, she would have made it a fight; she just wanted the threat to be gone.

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