I took my first kayak trip to Lake Martin today, and I got some great shots from the outing.

DISCLAIMER: These are not C.C. Lockwood-esque shots, as they were all taken with an iPhone 5. Much more beautiful, stunning, amazing (add all the adjectives here you want) photos of Lake Martin exist, these are just the best ones I've taken (I know, I know: don't quit my day job to become a photographer OR a comedian).

Now that the "public" boat launch at Lake Martin is closed, it's a little tougher to launch the kayaks, but if you know where to go (or know someone with property on the lake) it can be done.

We saw lots of wildlife today: turtles, alligators, frogs, dragonflies, Roseate Spoonbill (?), Cormorants, Anhingas (?), Red-Winged Blackbirds, little birds, big birds (not THAT Big Bird), lizards, fish, and humans. The MOST plentiful creature we saw today, though, was wasps. Some of the wasp nests were bigger than my face and hidden very well in the moss.

Anyway, if you get a chance to take a canoe or kayak (or one of the guided tours) on Lake Martin, bring your camera!

16 Photos from Lake Martin, Louisiana


To get to Lake Martin: from Lafayette, take Pinhook Road to the Breaux Bridge Highway (LA Hwy 94, Carmel Drive). Turn right on Lake Martin Road (LA Hwy 353). 5 miles down, turn left on Rookery Road, and there you are!

Remember to be a doll and pick up any trash you may see out there.


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