Faith healers in India, similar to South Louisiana's "traiteurs", have been found to be spreading the coronavirus.

According to Vice News, these "Baba", men who proclaim to be gifted with holy healing powers, are not only infecting fellow citizens but also causing many to be placed in precautionary quarantine.

One "Baba" began showing symptoms of the coronavirus and died of the disease soon after testing. This particular man claimed that he could heal people of the disease by kissing their hands. So far, 7 of his family members and 13 other people with whom he came into contact have contracted the disease.

Many people in India seek out these so-called faith healers, hoping that their superstitions can cure them of their ailments. In doing so, they only help to spread the disease to others. Officials in one district have corralled, so far, 20 of these "Baba" and placed them in quarantine.



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