Most of us (AKA all of us) can’t wait for Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge to open at Disneyland and Disney World. But the upcoming Millennium Falcon ride – which sounds freaking awesome, by the way – and the real-life Cantina may not be the only things competing for your attention. There may be a whole Indiana Jones Land you’ll want to spend your time at.

Rumors of a potential mini-land devoted to Harrison Ford’s adventurer are nothing new. We’ve heard for a while that Walt Disney World theme parks were looking to add new attractions as the franchise returns with Indiana Jones 5. But new details have made their way online, revealing that one ride may be major enough to complete with two big Galaxy’s Edge attractions.

As Disney theme park fans know, Indy currently has his own ride at Disneyland – one of my top three faves – but only an outdated stunt show at Disney World’s Disney Hollywood Studios. That stunt show, long rumored to be retired, may be torn down to make way for Indy’s own land. According to the latest rumors from Orlando Weekly and (h/t /Film), a potential new Indiana Jones land may take the place of the Indiana Jones Stunt Spectacular show and comprise 8 acres around it inside of Disney’s Hollywood Studios. The newspaper speculates the area may include where Star Tours currently is. OK great, so what will be inside the land?

There could be a nearby themed resort, a bar (like the one at Disney Springs), and restaurants. But the rides is what you really care about, and there are allegedly plans for “multiple attractions.” As earlier rumors suggested, there’s reportedly plans for an outdoor roller coaster, which Orland Weekly says could have dual sides similar to the Animal Kingdom’s Primeval Whirl and the Dumbo ride at Magic Kingdom. There’s also murmurs of a new E-ticket ride, which for those unfamiliar with Disney theme park lingo is the top tier of Disney rides; you know, the awesome stuff like Space Mountain that you wait in crazy long lines for. Here’s how Orlando Weekly describes it:

[…] The signature attraction for the Indy mini-land will be an indoor family attraction of some type that will use a previously realized ride system in a new way. Few details on the specifics of this ride have been shared by insiders, but it’s thought that this ride will compete with the two Star Wars rides as one of the park’s flagship attractions.

Again, these are all just rumors at the moment. But as exciting as it sounds, it won’t be happening that soon. The paper reports that Indiana Jones Land probably won’t open until after 2021 – that summer is when the fifth film is now expected to hit theaters – but sometime within the next decade (not long at all!). Until then, at least there’s Galaxy’s Edge to look forward to.

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