You know that film from 1967 of an alleged Bigfoot that's so hard to really tell what's going on because it's so grainy and jumpy? It's not grainy and jumpy anymore.

Darren Halstead Via
Darren Halstead Via

The 1967 Patterson-Gimlin Bigfoot Film

The controversial Patterson-Gimlin Bigfoot film, also known as the Patterson film or the PGF, was shot in Northern California in 1967 by Bob Gimlin and Roger Patterson.

Shot in the Bluff Creek area in California, the 53-second long film has been analyzed, scrutinized, and scientifically studied frame by frame (all 954 of them) ever since it was made public.

There are numerous researchers and analysts who say the film is indeed a hoax, but just as many say the 1967 Patterson-Gimlin Bigfoot film is indeed authentic.

In 2005, National Geographic released an interview with Bob Hieronimus, the man who claims he was the one hired to wear the Bigfoot suit for $1,000.

Watching Hieronimus walk in the video below, he makes a pretty convincing case.



However, with the recently stabilized, remastered version of the Patterson film, some researchers say "not so fast" and contend it's impossible that whatever was caught on film in 1967 is human.

New Stabilized Patterson Bigfoot Film

Idaho State University's Dr. Jeff Meldrum says the newly HD rendered, stabilized version of the Patterson Film reveals details that prove the creature in the film is indeed real and not a man in a suit.

Dr. Meldrum tells -

"There are details that are very distinctive of the way in which this 'Patty' creature walks. One of the characteristics that seem to distinguish the Sasquatch foot from the human is the lack of an arch, a longitudinal arch, which is kind of a springboard creating a more stable platform in the human foot."

Another expert to weigh in on the authenticity of the newly stabilized Patterson-Gimlin Film is Bill Munns, a Hollywood special effects legend according to

Munns says that "as an anatomist by the massive size of these trapezius muscles and their intermediate attachment on the back of the skull. This is not a human configuration at all but something that is intermediate between a human and a great ape."

However, according to Dr. Meldrum, there's one overwhelming detail revealed by the newly digitized, stabilized Bigfoot footage that he says is undeniable proof that the creature caught on film in 1967 is real.

That proof according to Dr. Meldrum is...a butt crack.

"The cleaned-up frames show a three-quarter posterior view that is unmistakable, according to Meldrum," says

What do you think? Does the new enhanced, stabilized Bigfoot film below change your opinion one way or another?

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