CJ and I witnessed an incredible sight this morning. Bud and John from Experimac of Lafayette sponsor the Polyester Power Hour and they dropped by during the show to demonstrate the new iPad case that they have for sale in their store in the S. College Shopping Center. It's called the AI Shell, and Experimac is the only place in the United States where you can buy it.

They carried in a a plastic tub of water and submerged inside, was an iPad. Why would they do that? To show us how the case protects the device, even under water! After they blew us away with that, Bud threw the iPad across the room onto the floor, and it was unharmed!

After this demonstration, we think everyone needs one of these cases, especially for boats, doctor's offices and hospitals (you can dunk it in bleach to sanitize it,) or really anywhere! Please share this with anyone you think could use some extra protection for their device.

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