Thieves in New Orleans are hitting vehicles in broad daylight, and they are targeting pickup trucks.

In this video, submitted by Larry Miller, you can see a passenger vehicle pull up, park, and 2 individuals exit. One of the individuals goes to the truck behind them, the other walks to the truck in front of them.

In less than 40 seconds, the individuals exited their vehicle, broke into the trucks, searched them, and they were back in their vehicle and back on the road. In-and-out in less than 40 seconds!

The victims were home at the time, in the back of the house raking leaves.

Police told the victim and his family that the thieves were probably targeting the pickup trucks because they are more likely to contain firearms. Several vehicles were hit in that area on that day.

Moral of the story: thieves have become more and more brazen, and there's not much that can be done about it.

Best practice nowadays is to never leave valuables in your vehicle. Luckily for this family, they have been following this advice for a while now, and suffered no losses in the burglary, save for that broken window.

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