A bakery called Bittersweet Confections was the victim of a recent robbery in New Orleans, but the items that were taken aren't the typical items that you would think a robber would be searching for according to nola.com.

Cheryl Scripter is the owner of the bakery. She says the owner of the building where the bakery is housed called her at around 6 o'clock at night to tell her about how the employee saw a man in a surgical mask and hoodie leaving the store with a big haul of king cakes in his hands.

Sure enough, everything was recorded on camera. The theft of the items happened last Wednesday evening, and Scripter was able to see the whole incident on her surveillance cameras. She says it was scary.

Robbery Suspect
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As she watched the recordings she saw the man make off with a stack of king cakes, cash, and a whole case of Tito's Vodka! Police officials say the man broke into the bakery using a side door. He walked around the bakery for about 20 minutes collecting items he wanted.

He left with a stack of 7 king cakes.

You've got to give it to Scripter as she made quotes to nola.com about the incident pointing out in a funny way that the burglary suspect is a traditionalist when it comes to king cake.

She told them that the man apparently didn't like the chocolate king cakes and he preferred the traditional king cakes. He took none of the chocolate cakes.

As far as someone wanting to break into her business for king cakes, Scripter says she is excited that the king cakes are so popular but says,

I would prefer a more traditional route. We're happy to see people king cakes, We would prefer that.

Scripter says the theft at her business is still being investigated by detectives at the New Orleans Police Department.

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