The owner of a home in Morse lost thousands of dollars worth of items and cash after someone burglarized their home.

Investigators say that multiple items were stolen from the home including several designer handbags, jewelry, wallets, watches, a gun, and cash.

This is just another case in Acadiana where a burglary happened in broad daylight. According to investigators, the person responsible for stealing all of this stuff was able to get into the home through an open window.

Unfortunately, all too often recently, burglaries are happening when good hard-working people are at their jobs.

Here are some other examples of cases where thefts and burglaries have occurred:

The thief stole around $25,000 worth of property from the homeowner in the 4000 block of West Whitney Highway in the Morse area.

Acadia Parish Crime Stoppers Stolen Items 2
Acadia Crime Stoppers Photo

Officials with Acadia Crime Stoppers are hoping that by featuring this theft case some of the items might be returned.

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If you know someone who has recently come into possession of several designer handbags, you could consider asking the person where they obtained these items.

It is against the law in Louisiana to own, keep or sell stolen items. Any items that are stolen are confiscated by law enforcement officials.

The person who ripped off this homeowner did so between the hours of 8:30 a.m. and 5:30 p.m.

You can help by giving investigators information anonymously. You can call the Acadia Parish Crime Stoppers program at 337-789-TIPS (8477). If you prefer, you download and use the P3 app from any mobile device.

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