According to IKEA USA, the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission has issued a recall notice on about 160,000 plates, bowls and mugs from IKEA.

The recall states that plates, bowls and mugs from Heroisk and Talrika could break causing hot food or liquid to leak out. The Consumer Product Safety Commission says this could lead to a burn hazard.

Check to see if any of the plates, bowls and mugs you've purchased at IKEA say "Heroisk" or "Tairika". "PLA," Made in Taiwan," and supplier number "23348" appear in the bottom of each. says there have been 123 reports of breakage, with four reports of injuries that required medical attention. Most injuries were burns.

The colors of the recalled plates, bowls and mugs include pink, yellow and blue.

Safety is a tip priority for IKEA and therefore we are taking precautionary measures and recalling Heroisk and Talrika bowls, plates and mugs.-IKEA Spokesperson

The recalled items were in IKEA stores and online from August 2019 through May 2021. Consumers should stop using these items immediately and return them to their nearest IKEA store. No receipt will be necessary. Call 888-966-4532 for more information.

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