It's truly hard to wrap our heads around the devastation Texas and Southwest Louisiana are going through at the hands of Hurricane Harvey. In disasters like this, all we want to is help in any way we can. If you're looking to load up truck and head to Houston to help, or even looking to make a monetary donation, there are some protocols to get familiar with before you do anything.

The folks over at have a wealth of information you need to check out.

The first thing they're stressing is of major importance. DO NOT SELF DEPLOY. You could very well cause more issues and hinder rescue efforts. They will allow you to register with them, and they will alert you when opportunities become available.

Thank you for your interest in assisting those in need during the upcoming days, weeks and months after Hurricane Harvey. We will identify volunteer opportunities as they become available, with new opportunities listed first.

You can register to volunteer HERE.

If you're looking to make a monetary donation, you've got to be careful you're donating to the right people. Unfortunately, scam artists use tragedies like this to line their pockets.

Monetary donations to recognized organizations are the biggest needs at this time. Please DO NOT donate goods that have not been specifically requested by a response agency.

You'll find a list of safe, accredited NVOAD member organizations HERE.

If you're looking to help, absolutely go to first before you do anything.

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