Social media is filled with stories and warnings from users about how criminals are writing on houses to indicate a robbery will take place at the marked home. They are also allegedly writing on car windows and windshields. In some cities, criminals are reportedly leaving a water bottle on vehicles.

The latest tactic being shared on social media is to leave a piece of cheese on your car's hood. A TikTok user named Mimi knows all too well about the cheese on a hood scheme.

Mimi posted a video on TikTok describing a situation that happened to her while attending church services. She walked out of church to find a slice of cheese melted on her car's hood.

If you see cheese on your car, lock it, leave, do not stay in that parking lot because they can easily take you and they're watching you. @mimsss39


Mimi said she thought it was just a prank so she called a friend to help her get the cheese off her car. When her friend arrived, they started to scrape the cheese off the hood of the car.

Paint is replaceable, you're not.-@mimsss39

Just then, the two women noticed a white van with stickers all over it and men inside wearing masks. The van was just a couple of spots from where Mimi's car was located. They pulled away, crossed the street, pulled into a parking lot, parked the van and watched the women clean off the car. While no photos or footage of the suspects in the van were available, she still wanted to bring light to her incident.

Mimi believes if she wouldn't have called a friend, the men may have tried to rob or abduct her as she cleaned the cheese off the hood. She also warns women that if these criminals are at ease doing something like this in a church parking lot, they'll try it anywhere.

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