If you are looking to save time when it comes to doing laundry, try putting ice cubes in your dryer.

We are all so busy these days and if you can save time at home with the chores, it is worth every possible minute.

One thing most people despise having to do is iron your clothes after you remove them from the dryer. Well, one hack may save you time and the energy it takes to iron shirts or other thin fabrics.

After you dry your clothes, place a few ice cubes in your dryer and set it to "wrinkle release" or "quick dry".

You will only want to put the clothing items you wish to have wrinkles removed from inside the dryer.


Let the cycle run for five minutes, with the ice cubes in the dryer, and the steam created in your dryer will remove wrinkles from shorts or other thin fabrics.

Sadly, this home hack won't remove wrinkles from thicker fabrics like jeans.

While I have never put ice cubes in the dryer to "iron" my clothes, I have put a damp wash cloth in the dryer once the clothes were dry and I did find it work---somewhat.

Give it a try and if it saves you a few minutes at home it is worth it. After all, who really likes to take out the ironing boarding and get to work? Ok, perhaps some of you do.

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