Parish and municipal governments across South Louisiana are asking for your help in getting a better picture of just how much damage was sustained during Hurricane Delta's march through the region last Friday. Yesterday we told what Lafayette Consolidated Government was doing regarding damage reporting, today we can tell you that a similar push is underway in Iberia Parish as well.

Iberia Parish President Larry Richard is asking all residents of the parish to scan their home and property for damages created by the storm. Once you've compiled your information the Parish President wants you to dial into a special phone bank to share that information with government officials.

The number you'll need to dial is (337) 492-5451. The phone bank will be staffed each day through Friday between the hours of 8:30 and 4:30. Now, if you are able to get online and would like to attach photos along with your damage report, you may do so by following this link to an online survey. You will be asked about when the damage happened, what was damaged, and the severity of the damage.

The information collected will be forwarded to the State of Louisiana and to FEMA. Your information will help those tasked with securing funds and resources for recovery to know which areas need what items the most. So, by sharing your story, you'll actually be helping out your community and those in your community too.


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