Folks from the south certainly love Whataburger and its signature spicy ketchup. Now, the burger chain has released a brand new limited-batch spicy ketchup that is made with hot sauce and I absolutely have to try it.


Whataburger's spicy ketchup may be my favorite fast-food condiment in existence. I would leave behind Chick-Fil-A sauce, the ranch at Wingstop, and any other dipping sauce for spicy ketchup.

The restaurant recently began teasing a new condiment coming to their lineup at the end of 2021.

But when I heard that Whataburger was releasing a limited-batch spicy ketchup that was made with hot sauce, I just had to find out where to get some.

Twitter via @Whataburger
Twitter via @Whataburger

See the announcement of the new ketchup from @Whataburger on Twitter below.

Now, there has been some confusion on social media regarding the flavor profile of the new sauce.

According to the official Whataburger account, the new spicy ketchup has, "... a little extra ziiiiing", which I am certainly down with. But, there is another problem when it comes to tasting this new limited edition dipping sauce.

Apparently, only certain locations have this new special sauce. Some locations don't even know if they will ever get it according to one customer. But, another Twitter user pointed out that COVID issues are causing delays in deliveries meaning that stores must wait until every location has the sauce to begin serving it to customers.

I have not seen confirmation of this reasoning from Whataburger themselves, but it would make sense. Contrary to the above reasoning, there are some reports out regarding the new limited edition spicy ketchup with customers even saying that it is delicious.

Now, some folks still say they would prefer the original ketchup.

But, I at least have to try this limited batch spicy ketchup. I love spicy foods and love spicy condiments even more, so this is right up my alley.

HELP - ANYONE! Where can I go to get my hands on some of this stuff?

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