There is still much to be learned about the latest coronavirus, COVID-19. One thing that researchers are not certain about is the length of immunity for those who have recovered.

As it stands (according to Healthline), researchers believe that most people who contract COVID-19 are immune for at least 3 months, and maybe longer. Again, since this is a new strain of coronavirus, researchers are learning more each day. research shows immunity to the virus probably lasts at least 3 months and may last much longer. - Healthline

Good news for those recovering, but how will one know when they are susceptible to the virus again? That question won't be answered until more studies are done on the subject.

Health experts are advising that everyone (even for those who have been exposed and have recovered) practice the protocols set out by the CDC: keep your distance, wash your hands, and wear a mask. Until doctors and scientists can crack the code on COVID-19, we must remain diligent.

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