We continue to learn more about the deadly shooting at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Tx.

Now, multiple outlets are reporting that the husband of school teacher Eva Mireles tried to assist her after she notified him that she had been shot and was dying in her classroom, but he was detained upon arrival.

WFAA reports that Texas DPS Director Steve McCraw told the Texas Senate in a hearing that Mireles' husband, who is a police officer responded to the school shooting and was detained.

The teacher's husband made it into the building but was detained and removed from the scene. His weapon was also confiscated as he was escorted away.

This latest bit of news comes after a video surfaced, which you can see HERE, that shows officers in the school 19 minutes after the shooting was reported, but took an hour for them to advance toward the shooter.

Sadly, 19 kids and two teachers were killed in this tragedy. These two teachers lost their lives on this horrific day in Texas, all while protecting the kids in their class.

We will continue to follow this story as more and more information is coming out in regards to the police response to this school tragedy.


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