Maybe it's the pandemic that has all of these seasons running together. I mean we did have baseball, basketball, football, ice hockey, soccer, and tennis all happening at the same time during the year because of the pandemic, maybe the same thoughts can be applied to other seasonal activities. Namely, avoiding hurricanes and shopping for Christmas Trees.

Okay, I'll take my tongue out of my cheek now but this year there has been a definite crossing of paths, literally, between the Christmas season and the hurricane season. Nowhere is that better illustrated than at Grant Christmas Tree Farm. The farm is located between DeRidder and Oberlin on Whitaker Road in Grant Louisiana.

Basically, the tree farm was directly in the path of hurricanes Laura and Delta and they did suffer some damage because of the storm. Most of the damage from the storms was confined to the larger trees. But that doesn't mean they don't have trees for you to choose from.

The farm boasts several varieties of trees so there is certainly one that will fit your design and decor needs. They grow Leyland Cypress, Ovensii, Castlewellan Gold, Naylor’s Blue, Blue Ice, and Virginia Pine. All of those varieties, with the exception of the Virginia Pine, are hypoallergenic.

Gray Anderson, the owner of Grant Christmas Tree Farm told KPLC Television that they wound up cutting about 400 trees because of root damage brought on by the storms. However, they have about 10,000 trees on the farm, about 3,000 of those trees have been tagged for sale. The farm also supplements its supply of trees with a select few trees that are brought in from North Carolina.

Grant Christmas Tree Farm is open until 5 pm each day through December 20th.

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