Most of us spend most of our lives attempting to get to know people. The people we really want to know we put a lot more time and energy into those relationships. It's how humans have formed tribal and family bonds for centuries. Now that we have the Internet I guess we can just throw those aeons of evolution right out the window. Because according to the social media platform Tik Tok, one question is all you need.

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Now, you're probably thinking that must be one hell of a question. Actually, it's not. It's not even a question about the person. It's more of a question that lets you learn a lot more about how that person thinks. The reasoning behind this revelation is that by understanding what a person's thought processes are you can better understand how they're going to relate to you and being in your world.

The question was first brought to light, well at least to my attention, by a Tik Tok user who goes by the handle @erica_mallet. Judging from Erica's accent she is not from Louisiana but she thinks as if she could be from below the Mason-Dixon line. Her question about learning about how people think is really quite brilliant.

Here, let me get Erica to ask you herself.

What time did you say? Regardless of what answer you derived chances are half the people on the Internet agree with you, the other half don't think you're fit to take another breath. You have to love these Internet mood swings, don't you?

Chris Hondros, Getty Images
Chris Hondros, Getty Images

In case you couldn't see or hear Erica's video and the question she asked here it is:

If I say we have a meeting at midday and then I say, 'Can we move it forward two hours?', what time is that?

For translation purposes, we are assuming that "midday" in the question refers to twelve noon on the clock. So, if we move the meeting forward are we meeting at 10 am or are we meeting at 2 pm?

So, what is the right answer? Let's refer to Erica again, for at least some explanation.

The way Erica explains it, how the other person answers is based on how they perceive themselves in relation to time. People who say the meeting will be moved to 2 pm see themselves as moving forward through time. So, 2 pm can be the only answer for them.

However, those who answer the question by saying 10 am perceive the opposite. In other words instead of them moving through time, they perceive time as moving through them.

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What's the Correct Answer?

Well, there isn't one because they, both 10 am and 2 pm, are technically correct based on the obtuse concept of time. Sorry, you won't be able to win a bet with a friend on this question but you will understand more about how and why they do the things they do and how they perceive and value time.

Headway via
Headway via

Think of people in your office, would they be more likely to say "we are approaching a deadline" or are they more likely to say "the deadline is approaching"? Most of the time the perception changes based on a person's opinion about the event that is approaching. If they are looking forward to it they tend to move emotionally toward the event. If they have a negative feeling they tend to suggest that the event is moving toward them.

And now you know or do you? Well, one thing is for sure if you're moving on I-10 in either direction you will eventually, in time, run into a Buc-ees. You're welcome.

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