Yes, there is an option on your phone for you to trace where you may have contracted COVID.

Now, don't worry, you must do a few things in order for the tracing to begin. On your phone, this is called "Exposure Notifications."

If you want to turn this setting On or Off for contact tracing, you must get into the settings on your iPhone.

Here are the steps to follow in order to get to the COVID tracing feature:

  1. Go into the Settings Feature on your phone
  2. Then proceed to the Privacy Settings
  3. Next, Choose Health
  4. Then go to COVID-19 Exposure Logging at the top
  5. There you can decide to either have the notification On or Off for tracing

Let me note here that you will have to download an app from your local health authority that will require your permission to use anonymous Bluetooth data.

This feature is also available on the Android phone.

To read more about the privacy that comes with COVID-19 contact tracing you can visit Apple's website by clicking HERE.

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