Roundabouts are becoming more common.

There are currently 18 official roundabouts in Louisiana. I'm not talking about the micro roundabouts you find in parking lots, and the like. I'm talking about the roundabouts that are at what used to be intersections of roadways.

Time and time again I've been pulling up to a roundabout where there's only myself, and the car in front of me. Instead of going through the roundabout like you're supposed to, the car the yield sign. What are they yielding to?

So, for full clarification on how to use a roundabout, I turned to the Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development (DOTD).

• Look for this sign. It is your first cue you are approaching a roundabout.



• Start to slow down. When approaching the roundabout, slow down to 10-15 mph.

• Share the road. Always look for bicyclists merging into the travel lane and/or pedestrians crossing. Let bicyclists merge. If a person is at the crosswalk, let them cross. It is the law!

• Yield to traffic. You may have to stop to yield to cars on your left. If the road is clear, simply enter the roundabout, turning right. You don’t have to stop, just enter.

• Proceed slowly. Don’t pass bicyclists ahead of you within the roundabout. Continue until you get to your exit. Do not stop in the roundabout.

• Follow directional signs. Directional signs will tell you where to exit.

• Exit carefully. Using your right-turn signal, exit the roundabout. Remember to watch for pedestrians.

It may sound simple, but it's quite obvious that some people need a friendly reminder. If you know someone who could use this little lesson, feel free to share. And be on the lookout for what to do at a four-way stop.

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