Want to know where people are getting those cute top photos collages?

If you're like me, you're slightly behind on a lot of the latest technology. Hey, I said "slightly." The last few years, I've seen and finally participated in Instagram's Top 9. At the end of the year, people are able to access their top photos through a third party that then puts them in a nifty little collage. It's the perfect end-of-the-year hoorah!

Ever wondered how people did that?

You just have to use the Top Nine website or download the app. From there, it's just a few easy steps to generate that collage. Simply enter your Instagram handle and an email address. Give them a minute to comb through your feed and you'll have a downloadable collage to post. They can even email the collage to you.

You can then post it with a typical "what a year" or "can't believe how much people like me" caption.

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