How can you tell if your significant other is cheating on you?  Follow the money!  There are a million ways to figure out if your significant other is cheating, but the easiest and less costly method may be to follow the money trail.

A recent study found that the average affair costs about $444.00 a month.  When you add up the cost of hotel rooms, dinner and drinks, gifts, movie tickets and various other costs, the average affair is about $444.00 a month.

The researchers surveyed 2,600 people who'd been marred for at least five years.  Of the ones who admitted to having an affair during their marriage, after doing the math, the average length of each affair was approximately six months at a cost of $2,664.00.

Follow the money.  If your credit card statement, savings or checking is off by $400.00 to  $500.00 dollars a month, start asking some questions.


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