Thinking about what to get Dad for Father's Day? You have one week left to figure it out.  Oh, and don't forget the card. Your sentiments inside are of equal or more value than a purchased gift.

Spending for Father’s Day is expected to reach record figures this year. The National Retail Federation says consumers will spend an average of $106.49 on Father’s Day gifts in 2011. That compares with $94.32, the projected amount spent per Dad for Father's Day in 2010.

Father’s Day spending is expected to top $11.1 billion, with $2.1 billion being spent on special outings with family and friends, like golfing trips, dining and trips to the movies.

The NRF says we still tend to spend more on Mom, with Mother’s Day hitting an average of $140.73 spent per Mom in 2011. But, Father's Day spending is starting to close the gap.

Still can’t decide what to buy?  Check out these popular gift ideas.

The most precious gift of all through the ages is actually becoming a Dad. It happened to Brian and Leighann Addie of Shreveport, LA when their son Cameron was born at Willis-Knighton Pierremont Hospital on Father’s Day, June 14, 2002.  Cameron is of course 9 years old now.  I guess the Addie family has a double celebration on Father's Day.

Shreveport Father's Day Baby

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