If you have ever wondered:  In the United States (story not valid in Alaska, Hawaii or the US Virgin Islands, of course), you are never more that 115 miles away from the next McDonald's.

In his original story on the Data Pointed website, Stephen Von Worley found that the farthest distance (as the crow flies) between any McDonald's in the United States (Lower 48) was 107 miles.  But, after hearing about a McDonald's closing in the Northwest, Von Worley had to re-calculate, and came up with 115 miles as the new separation.


So, if you ever find yourself looking for the nearest McDonald's, you are never more than a 39-hour walk from those delicious Golden Arches!


As I was scrolling through the website, I found Von Worley's blog to be quite humorous, so if you are looking to un-bore today at work, this might be your ticket!


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