Before we get into this, just know that we are not laughing AT the gentleman in the video, we are laughing WITH the gentleman in the video. Right?

Anyway, I was scouring the internet last night looking for interesting fodder for our website when I happened upon this video. I've been using the interwebz for several hot minutes now (since its presentation for public consumption, I would assert) so, at first, I thought this was a new video.

I was wrong. The video is 13 years old. Even though, I looked at it this way: if I (being an avid internet user) haven't seen it yet, you may not have, either.

Allow me to set up the video for you: this guy receives a small shaker can of Tony Chachere's Creole Seasoning as a birthday gift and wants to sing its scrumptious praises to the world (wide web).


In the video, he shows the can, attempts to pronounce the name, shows a pot of chili, attempts to pronounce the name again, heaps a serving of chili into a bowl, attempts to pronounce the name again, sprinkles some on his chili, takes a bite, attempts to pronounce the name again, sprinkles some more, and then, once again, butchers the name.

Well, he got the "Tony" part and the "Seasoning" part right, but he's having issues with the "Chachere" and the "Creole". He even has problems with the word "spicy". Check it out.

a commercial for...... "Tony Chachere's Creole Seasoning" from Randy Rhodes on Vimeo.

"Cha-CHARRIES" and "Cray-OLAY" aren't quite right, but we like to see our great Cajun products making it to (what I assume to be) the northern part of the United States.

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