A growing number of Americans are fed up with the switch to and from daylight saving time. The problem is we can’t agree on whether to stay on standard time, or daylight saving time.

I prefer daylight saving time, don’t like it when it’s dark at 4:30 or 5 in the afternoon. The time changes can have significant health effects, according to the Associated Press. It screws up our circadian rhythms.

A German story shows the traffic crashes increase in the first week after we spring forward. That’s probably because people are running late, and driving recklessly. People with heart conditions are more likely to experience a heart attack right after the switch to daylight saving time, particularly in the morning. I had a heart attack in May, but it was in the evening.

As daylight hours grow shorter, suicide rates increase. In my totally unscientific opinion, an earlier sunset only compounds this problem. For whatever my opinion is worth, I feel we should stay on daylight saving time all year.

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