I have recently discovered the versatility of the Japanese Plum tree, from Japanese Plum jellies and jams to Japanese Plum leaf tea. Now, I am figuring out how to make Japanese Plum Seed Amaretto!

When I posted the stories about the jams and tea, a friend commented with a link to a recipe for Japanese Plum Seed Amaretto, and the hardest part of the recipe is waiting for it to ripen (brew? ferment? cook?)!

Japanese Plums are plentiful here and, since I've posted the stories (see link above and below), so many of my friends have commented with "we've got a tree in our yard, come pick as many as you'd like" or "my neighbor has one of those trees".

One thing more plentiful than Japanese Plums are the Japanese Plum Seeds.

Each Japanese Plum has more than one seed inside - I've found as many as 7 in one plum!

Townsquare Media Plum Seeds


The ingredients for the Amaretto are simple: seeds, grain alcohol, lemon peel, vanilla bean, and sugar/simple syrup. That's it! Oh, and time. Lots of time!

This recipe calls for putting the ingredients together in a glass jar and setting it in the sun for 4 weeks, then adding the sugar or simple syrup, and allowing it to sit for another 2 weeks. Another recipe called for putting the ingredients into a jar and putting it in a dark cabinet or basement for 4-6 months!

Townsquare Media

Anyway, I will report back when this Amaretto is finished brewing/fermenting/cooking/melding!