This past Thursday evening at The Grand 14 Ambassador, KTDY presented the Director's Cut of the classic movie Saturday Night Fever.  Over 200 attended the event.  The movie is known for it's great soundtrack.  On the soundtrack, there is a number one hit by the Bee Gees called, 'How Deep Is Your Love'.  Leave it to the internet to present us with an alternative.

The Saturday Night Fever soundtrack is the second best selling soundtrack of all time.  The soundtrack is approximately 74 minutes of one disco hit after another.  'How Deep Is Your Love' by the Bee Gees is one of those celebrated hits.  It went to number one in 1977.  Today, there is a new version to an old classic.  It's called 'How Deep Is Your Rug' and it will make you smile.

How Deep Is Your Love (Original)


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