In Phase One, bars without restaurants are not able to operate for business and open to the public. Many restaurants and some stores have reopened since the governor has announced Louisiana could enter Phase One. But, bars without kitchens have to remain closed. The owners of The Greenroom in Downtown Lafayette came up with a genius plan so they can open and start doing business again. They added a kitchen. Yep. It’s a big change but a smart one.

The Greenroom Facebook
The Greenroom Facebook

According to KATC, Robert Guercio, one of the bar’s owners, said they also cleaned up the place and added fresh paint to all the walls. They installed a kitchen in the back, which will allow their staff to serve food. Which means, they can now serve customers. The food menu will be limited. They will serve hot dogs, chili dogs, and Frito pies for now. They do plan on adding more items in the future. A huge bonus is that they were able to expand their outdoor area with seating for dining. That will add an additional 1200 square feet of space.

Acadiana, get out and try it. You have to give props to a business owner for doing what he has to do to open his doors. The coronavirus pandemic has brought tough times to our economy but I love to see business owners thinking outside of the box to do what they have to do to save their business. Especially when you don’t know how long Phase One will actually be. We know the governor is supposed to make an announcement the first week of June on if we will be able to move to Phase Two in Louisiana, but there is no guarantee that bars will be able to open.

Everybody go get you a chili dog and beer.

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