Houston Police found over 90 people inside one house in Southwest Houston on Friday, most were males. Approximately five were female. Many couldn't smell or taste and some had a fever. Houston police believe many of the victims were COVID-19 positive.

In a press conference, Assistant Chief of Homeland Security Commander Daryn Edwards said a kidnapping led police to the house. A total of 90 people were inside, the youngest early 20s, but no children were found.

Houston PD has turned over the case to Homeland Security investigators as it is believed to be a human smuggling investigation at this time. SWAT and technical operations carried out the rescue operation.

Commander Edwards said some people in the house were symptomatic of COVID-19.

We are in a pandemic and we do have some people in the house that are symptomatic. We've already had some people in the house tell us that they're not able to smell, not able to taste and we did have some people with fever. Assistant Chief of Homeland Security Commander Daryn Edwards

The kidnapped victims were held inside a house located at 12210 Chessington Drive. Houston health officials were sent in to do COVID testing. Officials plan on keeping the victims inside the house until it's determined if they need to be quarantined or not. If any test positive for COVID-19, all will be taken to another location to be held in quarantine.

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