A Houston man was the victim of a hit-and-run crash recently while driving through Acadiana and is asking for help in finding the driver.

Stephen Frechou, according to his post on Facebook, was traveling on I-10 on 8/11/21 near Breaux Bridge when the crash occurred.


Frechou's story says that he was traveling on I-10 in Breaux Bridge near the Pilot Truck Stop when an 18-wheeler began to merge into the lane he was occupying.

Though Frechou moved toward the shoulder to try to avoid the crash, the vehicles still made contact.


The crash caused major damage to the driver's side of Frechou's car and, looking at the damage, it's clear that Frechou is lucky he wasn't injured or that contact with the 18-wheeler didn't cause him to lose control.

Frechou says that the driver of the 18-wheeler did not stop, so he is hoping that someone who saw something will say something.


Frechou is offering a reward to the person who can locate the vehicle that crashed into his car: $2,500! Two thousand, five hundred dollars. Two-and-a-half grand - not a bad reward at all.

I will personally give the person who is able to locate the truck $2,500 dollars. If your reposting results in one of your friends identify the truck I will give you $500.00 for sharing. - Stephen Frechou via Facebook

Frechou is also offering a $500 reward to the person who shares the post that is seen by the person who locates the truck.

Just to be clear: if I share Frechou's post, and you see it and know where the truck is and report that information back to Frechou, you'll get $2,500 for finding the truck, and I'll get $500 for sharing his post so that you could see it. Great deal, no?

Frechou says that the truck will have damage to the front passenger's side of the vehicle and that there will probably be maroon paint scratches (from his car) on the truck's paint in the areas the vehicles made contact.

Frechou is very clear in his final request:

Please do not confront anyone.

If you do find the truck, or a truck that fits the description, just get a picture or two IF YOU CAN DO THAT SAFELY AND LEGALLY and get that information to Stephen Frechou. I know that he would appreciate it. And you might just make some money off of the deal.

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