(Fox 40 News WDBD) When new homeowner Glyn Stafford moved into his new home, the former owners didn't take everything they owned with them. The previous owners informed Stafford that their beloved cat Molly had gone missing. They were just devastated but remained hopeful the cat would be found.

Glyn put out milk and cat food every day just in case Molly would return. After a few days, Molly never showed so Stafford stopped putting out the milk and cat food.

Several weeks went by with no sign of Molly. The prior owners of the house had almost given up on finding her. And even though he felt bad about the cat being lost, Glyn had no emotional attachment to Molly as he had never even laid eyes on the cat. So as the weeks went by, Molly was somewhat forgotten about.

After several weeks...a meow was heard. Glyn heard it coming from an area near the ceiling in the kitchen. Could it be Molly? And if so, how could he get to her? And how is she even alive after weeks with on food or water?

Stafford recruited the help of Jenny Bethel of the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA).

After inspecting the kitchen ceiling (where the sound originated) Bethel found Molly! She surmised that Molly had crawled through a waste pipe in the kitchen and got stuck. So Molly had been living in the walls of the house for weeks without food or water and had not made a sound.

She must have been terriried spending all that time trapped in such a tight spot. She looked quite skinny so I took her to a local vet and fortunately she was found to be healthy but in need of feeding up. The vets were then able to contact her grateful owner to tell them that Molly was safe and available to be collected. -Jenny Bethel of the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals in an interview with Southwest News Service

The bathroom floorboards had to be pulled up to rescue Molly.

 I was quite surprised when I heard the meow after all that time and called the RSPCA straight away. I have had cats myself so I really wanted her to get out and be safe. The floorboards had to come up to get her but the damage can be repaired. The cat's life is what mattered. -Glyn Stafford in an interview with Southwest News Service


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